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Are my all season tires suitable for my Volkswagen in Toronto?

Like summer tires, all season tires are not designed for the kind of extreme winter conditions we get across Canada. Despite its name, all season tires are designed for maximum tread life, fuel economy, and smoothness in temperate conditions. In other words, all seasons are perfectly adept for the summer, fall, and spring (and the....Read More

Why Should You Get Winter Tires?

Winter tires are recommended when the daily high is at or below 7°C. Why? Winter does not mean SNOW - it means when temperatures drop below 7°C the tread compound on all-season tires begins to harden, causing loss of grip on cold, wet roads. Winter tires however, remain flexible and can still grip at low....Read More

The Volkswagen Difference

German products, no matter the industry, always have that little something extra. Build quality and finish are unrivaled, and the finished product seems more mature than what comes out of Japan or Korea. Although Volkswagen offers models in segments generally considered accessible to the majority of buyers, the German manufacturer has always held an enviable....Read More

Volkswagen Oil Change & Air Filters Replacements in Toronto

How Often Do You Need to Have Your Oil Changed and Why? Regularly changing the oil in your vehicle is one of the most important things you can to do keep your Volkswagen running well. Over time, the oil breaks down and the filter can become clogged with contaminants. Regular oil changes mean better engine....Read More

Volskwagen Oil Change & Air Filters

How Often Should I Change My Oil? Oil change intervals vary from vehicle to vehicle with each maintenance schedule laid out by the manufacturer. Your vehicle’s condition and the road conditions will also affect your oil change frequency. The maximum amount of time between inspections for a regular gas-engine Volkswagen is one year or 15,000 km, but....Read More