Lease Excess Wear Waiver

Volkswagen Protection Plus Lease Excess Wear Waiver

Avoid Unexpected Excess Wear Costs on Your Lease Vehicle
Enjoy your Volkswagen knowing that you’re protected with a waiver of up to $10,000.

Lease Excess Wear Waiver

Leasing a new Volkswagen should be an enjoyable experience in one of the best vehicles in the world to its fullest. Relax and enjoy your Volkswagen knowing you are covered with Lease Excess Wear Waiver for the following:

  • Damaged wheels
  • Bumper damage
  • Windshield and other glass/lens damage
  • Paint scratches
  • Worn tires
  • Dents

Coverage is offered by Volkswagen Finance, with no deductible, and is fully transferable to a new lessee if you transfer your lease. Volkswagen Finance will ensure you have the ultimate Leasing experience with the Lease Excess Wear Waiver.


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