Volkswagen Winter Tires in Toronto

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Be prepared for the Toronto winter weather ahead with high-performing Volkswagen winter tires. At Volkswagen MidTown Toronto, we offer a wide selection of Volkswagen OEM winter tires and rim options, so you can have the look you want while getting the safety you need. Volkswagen MidTown Toronto also offers VW’s Lowest Price Guarantee, so you can always be sure you’re getting the best winter tires at the best price. If you’re located in Scarborough, Toronto or the Greater Toronto Area, we’re your top destination for great winter tires. Use our shopping tool below to browse tire options based on your Volkswagen year and model.

Have questions about winter tire shopping? Volkswagen MidTown Toronto is here to help! Take a look below to find answers on frequently asked questions from Volkswagen owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all-season tires perform as well as winter tires?

Although all-season tires provide enough road grip year-round, winter tires will perform better in winter weather conditions. Because we’re likely to experience snowy and icy roads in Toronto and the GTA, winter tires help you to maintain the best traction while driving in these conditions. Snow tires are designed with specific tread patterns that provide the best grip for winter weather. Winter Tires are also built with rubber that can withstand extremely cold temperatures.

How do I know what tire size I need for my Volkswagen?

Every make, model and vehicle year utilize different tires, so be sure to know what tire size is best for your vehicle before you make your purchase. There are 3 places you can look for find out the correct tire size for your Volkswagen:

  • The inside of your driver side door. Look for the sticker that lists your vehicle tire size.
  • Your owner’s manual. Find your tire information by looking through the manual’s index.
  • The side wall of your current tires. This information may not be visible if your tires are worn.

Do I need 4 winter tires?

It’s important that you have 4 winter tires on your Volkswagen – all the same size and make. Using different tire sizes and types can compromise the performance of your vehicle’s suspension and handling. Using different winter tires can also impact grip and traction, as your winter tires will have different tread patterns. When purchasing new winter tires, always make sure all 4 tires are the same.

How can I shop VW winter tire inventory?

Shop our Volkswagen OEM tire inventory above to find the best prices for your next set of winter tires. You can also book an appointment or speak to our Volkswagen MidTown Toronto Parts team at 416-291-6456.

Be prepared for the roads ahead this winter with high-performing, low-cost Volkswagen winter tires. Contact our team at Volkswagen MidTown Toronto today to shop our inventory and to book an installation appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!