Why Winter Tires?

Winter tires are recommended when the daily high is at or below 7°C.


Like it or not, those cold winter months are a part of living in Canada. We have to adjust to the climate we live in, and that includes the driving conditions and subsequent needs of our vehicle. Winter tires are important for different reasons; they have a thicker tread and softer rubber for more grip and control in the winter conditions. Winter tires are made with soft silicone compounds that remain flexible for better traction in the cold, and their aggressive tread performs better in snow than summer or all season tires.

Choosing the proper tires is about knowing the conditions your car will face on a daily basis: is it snow and slush, or severe snow and black ice? Snow tires are different from winter tires: while winter tires are critical for your safety below 7°C, snow tires are made for harsh winter conditions and will wear quicker and maintain less stability on pavement/asphalt than winter tires.


No matter if your vehicle is front, rear, four-wheel or all-wheel drive, always install four winter tires. Otherwise, you do not have the same level of traction and control at all wheels during colder weather. Four winter tires allow the tires to grip the ice and snow, lowering the stopping distance for added control. Don’t wait for the first snowfall, install your winter tires earlier and be prepared!

VW Midtown Toronto carries a wide variety of top-quality tires to extend the life of your VW. Visit our Tire and Wheel Fitment Centre, where we can properly fit your vehicle with the right tires based on the season, model and year!

Tire Tip: As of January 1, 2016, the government requires all private insurers to offer discounts to people who buy and install winter tires.

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